Health and Social Care Level 2 Intro to Equality

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Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Health and Social Care. Assessment Criteria 1.1 Diversity means that everyone is different. Diversity also recognises that people are unique and it values difference. Diversity covers a wide area including people from ethnic minority groups, religions, age, sexual orientation, race, gender and disability. The meaning of equality is to ensure everyone is treated in a way that is appropriate to their needs and that they are treated equally and fairly. Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of a person due to their individual choice to be within a certain category or group . Inclusion means that a person should be fully included regardless of individual opinions or any personal factors about the individual. Inclusion is the complete opposite of discrimination. Assessment Criteria 1.2 Discrimination could occur in various ways. This could be if a healthcare worker deliberately displays dislike to a person for no apparent or refuses to assist the service user due to their level of ability. These would be examples of direct discrimination. Inadvertently discriminating against someone could occur if a healthcare worker only wanted to work in a specific way without offering choice or option. Another example could be only working with certain memebers of staff due to their level of ability or qualifications they have. Assessment Criteria 1.3 Practices to promoting inclusion and preventing discrimination would be to ensure tat people are treat fairly and that they are allowed access to all that is required for their care. This cold include things such as ensuring they are offered choics of food and clothing, if they require a GP/Consultant or nurse then they must have access to one, their personal care requirements are met to a proper standard and tht when possible and appropriate

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