Health and Social Care Level 2 Questions and Answers

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Identify Different Reasons Why People Communicate People communicate for all different reasons, including: • To express their needs and preferences • Socialisation – to talk and share opinions • To comfort or offer reassurance • To give instructions • To build and maintain relationships Explain How Effective Communication Affects All Aspects of Own Work Effective communication ensures that you can meet your service user’s requests and needs and that you can communicate and ensure they are aware of what you are doing at all times. You can offer them a choice of what they want through communication. Effective communication is important when working with colleagues – giving handover between shifts, leaving messages for staff and writing in the care plan. All communication, whether written or verbal should always be clear and precise to ensure all information is handed over and service users’ needs are met. Explain Why it is Important to Observe an Individual’s Reactions When Communicating With Them This is particularly important as a service user could be hard of hearing and require visual aids or require you to speak loudly and slowly to ensure they can understand. They may require you to speak clearly and may need to rely on lip reading to understand you. Some service users may need more time to be able to understand and answer you. Identify Barriers to Communication • Sensory barriers – most commonly visual or hearing impairments • Slang/Jargon – some service users will not be familiar with slang terms or technical ‘jargon’ and therefore this should be taken into consideration • Environmental settings – if there is too much noise around, or if you are asking a service use to read instructions there could be inadequate writing etc • Physical barriers - trying to communicate through closed doors etc • Cultural barriers • Language

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