Health and Social Care - Communication in Care Settings Essay

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Unit 2 – Communicating in care settings. Ao1 Communication is giving information from one person to another and can be expressed in many ways. It is used in everyday life on a daily basis by everyone. Communication is done without realising sometimes. By knowing ourselves, our attitudes and our personal values help us to understand the effect we have on others. It is important for people to have effective communication in a care setting. It is a basic essential needed on a daily basis. It helps to build relationships between people. It helps to exchange information and certain messages that need to be given. Effective communication is used in order to work with a different range of people in care settings. Effective communication is used in one to one sessions and group sessions. In one to one sessions it is important for the care worker to listen and that the other person is comfortable and relaxed and is not feeling intimidated or scared. It is effective when a goal is met by the end of a session. Such as helping a child come out of their shell and getting them to feel comfortable around you. It is also used in group sessions. This can be effective as you can learn and experience more. And is a way of sharing responsibilities. It helps to unburden things on a persons mind. It can also help a person’s social skill. For example a child might be quiet and reserved, however being in a group and talking about something they can refer may get them to start talking and contributing. In Health and Social care it is important for people to be effective communicators. Communication in health and social can be between colleagues or between professionals and those using the health and care services. Having effective communication between colleagues helps people to work more efficiently and to work together and support each other in teams. Effective communication
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