Health and Social Care Abuse Essay

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Describe factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse Adults living at home may be abused when carers have had to change their lives unwillingly They may have communication problems,personality or behavioural changes or are aggressive. Their is no support from families or professional carers carers are becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol carers have no privacy The dependant person is difficult and inconsiderate Living in poor housing which has no Adaptions Not knowing where or how to complain Social isolation Being unaware of their rights Outcome 2 explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused Observe the person Ask if they are OK Inform the manager of your concerns Record your concerns Don’t as leading questions e.g. did Mr x punch you Your workplace will have its own policies and procedures in place detailing who you should report your suspicions to and the correct course of action to follow. Listen ask open questions remain calm do not express shock or dismay allow the person to express their feelings including their fear ask for information about what they are scared of and when they might be most at risk acknowledge regret and concern for what has taken place help them not to minimise the abuse they are experiencing and recognise the impact that living with abuse can have on physical and emotional well-being tell them that the abuse isn’t their fault reassure them that there is help available reassure them that what they say will be taken seriously summarise what you think they have said and ask if you have got it right clarify details where appropriate-especially names and contact details,but remember you are not investigating at this point in time tell them that

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