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ASSESSMENT FRONT SHEET LONDON CHURCHILL COLLEGE Programme: BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Health & Social Care Unit Number and Title: 1, Communicating in Health and Social Care Organizations Unit Level: QCF Level 5 Assignment Ref. Number: comm1 Module Tutor: Jennifer Newland Email: Date Set: 13th September 2013 LONDON CHURCHILL COLLEGE Key dates Distribution date: 14 January 2014 Submission date: 24th March 2014 ------------------------------------------------- Introduction This assignment is designed as a part of the formal assessment for the Higher National Diploma in Health and Social-care. This assignment aims to assess the student’s knowledge of how their own values, beliefs, culture and experiences may influence their communication both personally and as a care worker. The student’s knowledge of possible barriers to communication and how they may be overcome will also be assessed. This assignment also seeks to assess the student’s ability to critically analyze organizational good practice regarding communication and will be assessing their knowledge of the application of ICT in the field of Health and Social Care (including legal frameworks). Specification of Assessment TASK 1 : Choose a client with whom you currently work with or are familiar with. Provide a brief background history of this client and: 1. Explainand discuss the possible values and cultural factors which may influence the way this client communicates. (LO2.1) This criteria is linked to criteria 1.2 of Unit 4 Personal and Professional development. 2. Apply two communication theories to this client. (LO1.1) This criteria is linked to criteria 3.1 of Unit 15 Psychology for Health and Social Care. 3. Analyse the use of strategies currently used to support this client’s needs and

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