Health and Social Care Essay

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Unit 4222-324 support individuals with specific communication needs outcome 1-understand specific communication needs and factors affecting them. 1.If an individuals communication needs are not met then all aspects of there daily life can be affected such as not being able to communicate you are well and get help. This could be more server in the case of abuse whereby the individual cant communicate effectivly to alert others they are being abused and can be vulnerable to abuse. The result could also put others in dangers for example if a persons communication needs was not met and they discovered a fire they would not be able to report it quickly which would put others in danger. 2.As a senior care assistant I need to be alert at all times and to be prepared to analyse and adapt everyones needs for communication. The way I work and relate to the individuals I support can help or hinder them to have the proper care or needs attended. For example if an individual needs me to speak slowly when I am explaining the process that I am about to do and I do not they may become agitated or restless and upset which could result in them losing confidence in my abilities to help them in there daily life. Some people may need to see my lips in order for them to understand what I am about to do. 3.It is difficult and frustrating to communicate effectively when there is background noise, therefore arranging the enviroment to aid communication is a very important step to achieve effective communication. Some factors that can hinder communication are: *poor lighting, individuals with poor sight unable to see you. *background noise, from TV, radio or other individuals. *obstacles in-between the persons communicating. *insufficient distance. 4.There could be several reasons why an individual may use a form of communication that is not based on

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