Health and Social Care

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Unit 7 Understand person-centred approaches in health and social care 1.1 This puts the person cared for at the centre of what happens with them, it promotes choice, uniqueness, privacy, dignity and respect and its right under UK law. 1.2 It will promote self esteem, independence and is good practice within the company. 1.3 In life we all take risks in our everyday living and when we are supporting a client we have to let them take these choices to but were it can put them in danger we have to support them to make the correct choice through information and explaining how it has not worked in the past. 1.4 Care plans will be tailored to their individual needs like there likes and dislikes and is tailored to their particular needs and it is a legal requirement. 2.1 You can do this by talking and listening to the person being cared for. 2.2 Look at their needs ie the right glasses on correct aids get training if needed understand there disabilities research places to take them. 3.1 It is important they understand and that the consent is informed consent. 3.2 In order to establish consent it is essential to make use of communication skills verbal(spoken and written) and non-verbal ( body language and facial expressions). 3.3 You can do this by seeing advice from your seniors and on the internet from appropriate bodies and social workers. 4.1 It promotes independence and self-asteem, it will improve their emotional well-being and happiness. 4.2 Learning difficulties, physical disabilities, languages. 4.3 Physical aids, communication aids-such as language or technological aids and visual aids. 5.1 Spend time and effort in developing respectful relationships. This involves non-judgemental communication and providing information in an inclusive way. Its about respecting a clients choices. 5.2 Identify the risk, establish who could be harmed,
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