Health and Social Care Essay

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From April the UKCC Level 2 will be run as a blended learning course. What is blended learning? ‘Blended Learning’ means using activities and resources alongside face to face (or tutorled) sessions to provide a rounded learning experience. It uses a structured education programme where a learner has some control over the time, the sequence, the place, the path, or pace of their learning activities. This is achieved by scheduling activities outside of the face to face course, and typically includes completing some online eLearning modules. How has this changed the Level 2 course? The course is now 1 day shorter; some of the theory has been removed from Day 1 and Day 5 of the tutor-led days and is now part of the online content. All tutor-led theory is now covered on Day 1; this includes some of the theory previously covered on Day 5, and builds on the theory covered in the online content. No participants are required for Day 1 as it is all focussed on theory. Day 4 is a full day of learning as well as the formative assessment; a timetable for the new Day 4 format will be applied for all future courses. The online activities need to be completed before a learner will receive the award by 1st4sport. The course price has not increased as we continue to invest in new and relevant online learning resources. Learners will be reminded of their online responsibilities throughout the course by British Gymnastics Academy Admin, prompting them to complete or revisit the eLearning modules before key dates in the course. The logbook has been reviewed and updated to make it easier to use. Clearer assessment criteria for the practical assessment are provided for learners. What is the same about the Level 2 course? The qualification is the same. The technical skills for each discipline are determined by the discipline syllabus. The coaching skills are the same. The assessment day

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