Health and Social Care Essay

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Bi Explain how a risk assessment might help address dilemmas between james’s rights and the health and safety concerns expressed by his mother By having a risk assessment in place for James it allows him to see what the risks are but also allows him to carry out the tasks independently. For example if he handles raw meats then having a risk assessment in place ill help him identify that a good hand washing technique is needed before handling any other food product. Having the risk assessment in place will help his mum be reassured that the risks were being managed Bii Describe the main points of food safety in social care setting Food safety in a social care setting includes good hand washing techniques, correctly storing food, ensuring food is cooked thoroughly before serving, follow correct infection control procedures, not using food that has passed its expiry date. Biii Provide a thorough explanation of how James should A) Store food safely For James to store food correctly he must understand that fresh food such as milk and cream must be stored in a fridge as it is chilled. Food should be stored in sealed containers. Uncooked meats must not come into contact with anything else and should be kept on the bottom shelf and cooked meats kept on the top shelf. b) Handle food safely James should ensure that he always washes his hands before handling food and after. He must clean and disinfect work surfaces correctly. When cutting raw meat he must use a separate knife and chopping board to when he prepares fresh food. When cooking certain meats then he must make sure they are cooked correctly and the juices run clear and are not bloody c) Dispose of food safely James must make sure that when he disposes of food waste he does it correctly. For example we are provided with a food caddy and two recycling bins for tins, cardboard, plastic bottles etc

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