Health and Social Care Essay

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Unit 2- equality, diversity and right in health and social care Anti discriminatory practice is an action taken to prevent any individuals from being discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender, class, disabilities and more it also takes into account how we behave towards other individuals. National initiatives also over come discrimination when it takes place, there are three main national initiatives which cover anti discriminatory practice which are; conventions, legislations and regulations. These national initiatives are very important to society and health and social care settings as it ensures that everyone is treated equally. The acts which are currently in place that promote anti discriminatory practice are; Human rights act 1998- This covers all human rights and ensures that all individuals have rights on their side and take legal action against any person or organisation including any type of health and social care service that disrespects their human rights. Mental health act 1983- The main purpose of this act is to allow action to be taken when necessary to make sure that people with mental health difficulties get the care and treatment for their own health and safety and also for the protection of other people. Sex discrimination act 1975- This act is to protect men and women against discrimination or harassment on the grounds of gender in employment, education, advertising, services or facilities. Within health and social care settings it is important for staff members to promote equality, value diversity and respect the rights of service users. There are many ways that care workers can challenge discriminatory issues in health and social care settings. One way to promote equality, value of diversity and respect the rights of service users is to always put the service user at the heart of the service you are providing. This means the

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