Health and Social Care Essay

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Understand how to handle information in social care settings The legislation and codes of practice that relate to handling information in social care are. * Data Protection Act 1998- The Data Protection Act controls how your personal information is used by organisations, businesses or the government. Everyone responsible for using data has to follow strict rules called ‘data protection principles’. * Freedom of Information Act 2000- The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities. It does this in two ways: •public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities. •members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities. * Health and Social Care Act 2008- To help providers of healthcare, including primary dental care, primary medical care, adult social care, and independent sector ambulance providers, plan and implement how they prevent and control infections. It includes criteria for CQC to take into account when assessing compliance with the registration requirement on cleanliness and infection control. * GSCC- GSCC works to improve the quality of social care services for the benefit of people who use services through regulation of the workforce and through its contribution to social work education. * ICO- This code explains how the Data Protection Act 1998 applies to the collection and use of personal information online. It also provides good practice advice for organisations that do business online and therefore subject to DPA. * Local or internal- It remains the responsibility of all those concerned with the practice of internal audit within organisations to reflect this Code and its principles in the constantly changing environment of public service delivery. Legal requirements give you guidance and support when storing and handling

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