Health and Social Care Essay

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P5 Culture and preferences In the future I want to rise to become a family support worker, in this job type it is extremely important to make sure that you know everyone’s culture and religions. This is because whilst working with different people different rules may apply. For example if you are taking a care of a Muslim man you need to take it into consideration that a Muslim cannot be seen by the opposite sex. Any other example of respecting peoples religions is Muslims have to pray around 5times and be facing Mecca, if you don’t allow the Muslims to do this then this is seen an anti-discrimination. Empowering individuals. In a social care setting it is extremely important to empower individuals. Being a family support worker means that you’re working with all different ages, and they all have their own problems and difficulties. This means that the majority of the time the people comes in feeling angry and distressed. In most cases a lot of the teenagers and adults suffer from depression; this can be because of various reasons. Being a social worker, you have the responsibility to make sure that you are positive with the clients and giving them positives comments and helping them to have a more positive outlook on their future. In many cases a lot of teenagers became depressed, this can be because of going through puberty and school. Around 10-15% of children get bullied in the UK at school, so for many children this can be a tough time for them. When children become depressed it is really important to solve the situation and to deal with it straight away as school life is really important to the child’s future. Some things that you could do Is having a long and deep conversation about what’s wrong and who’s causing the problem. Another thing to do to help the service user would be to introduce them to other children and involve then in group activates, schools

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