Health and Social Care Essay

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Unit 2- P1 By Taylor Hogg Equality, Diversity and Rights Equality Equality is the treatment of individuals or groups of individuals equally and fairly no matter of race, gender, beliefs, sexuality, age, disability, skin colour etc. It recognises that individuals need may need to be met in different ways, it’s also means people are given equal opportunities in relation to access to education, employment and services funded by the government. Diversity Means including people from different cultures and backgrounds, accepting and respecting differences and being able to values and respects each other’s beliefs and choices. Promoting Equality and Diversity Care value base The care value base sets a range of standards for professionals working in the health and social care sector. It is used to improve work ethic and the quality of the patient’s life by ensuring that the individual gets the most appropriate treatment for their illness. The care value base sets standards in three main areas of health and social care: * Fostering Equality and diversity * Fostering People rights * Maintaining confidentiality Health and social care services have many laws and codes of practice that outline and promote rights for patients using the service, this principle are all of equal value and should be used to form the basis of all relationships with patients and colleagues some of these include: * To be respected * Be treated equally and not discriminated against * Be treated as an individual * Be allowed privacy and confidentiality * Right to their own independence and choice * To be protected from danger or harm * To be able to communicate using their preferred method * Children should be given the ability to make their own decisions * Be cared for in a way that meets their individual needs * Be treated

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