Health and Social Care

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P4 – Plan for Improving the Health and Wellbeing of on Individual You need to produce a plan for your client to improve their health and wellbeing. From the assessment you made in your P3 work you must identify action points to improve your client’s health and wellbeing and create an action plan. Action Points Identify Physical, intellectual, emotional and social factors which affect your client’s health and wellbeing. You must identify at least one factor for each. You should identify 6 factors overall – you will need to include more than one factor for some areas. Targets (short and long term) Identify short term and longer term targets which your client should aim to achieve. As far as possible try and make your targets specific, measurable, realistic and timed. Action to be taken Identify actions which could be taken to help your client achieve their targets. You need to identify as many actions as possible for each target. Monitoring You must identify how and when you may monitor your client’s progress against their targets. You should present your information in a table. M1- Explain how the plan meets the health and wellbeing meets of the needs of the individual. You need to produce a written report to explain how each part of your plan will affect the health and wellbeing of your client and how it will meet their needs. How will the plan affect their measures of health? D1- Justify how the plan takes into account the individual’s circumstances and preferences. Referring to each part of your plan explain how the plan respects the individuals preferences and circumstances. e.g. I have recommended that exercise levels should increase, the person involved told me that they do not enjoy going to the gym as this costs money and they do not have the time. Taking this into account I have suggested walking more often rather than
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