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Describe the requirements for two careers in the health and social sector - neonatal nurse and gynaecologist. Do not show me this again Are you in the right place? Jump to Healthcare and see how teachers think you should prepare in: * GCSE 1,083 * AS and A-level 1,941 * University 682 Extracts from this document... Introduction Describe the requirements for two careers in the health and social sector (P1) Explain how the requirements of the health care workers can contribute to providing a positive experience for the patients. The requirements needed to become both neonatal nurse and gynaecologist consists of: ·Competence ·Knowledge/skills ·Qualification personal attributes ·Interpersonal skills ·Initiative ·Empathy with others ·Anti-discrimination approach ·Ability to work with others ·Reliability ·Ability to take responsibility with self and others Competence A gynaecologist will have to be competent throughout the activities they do within their job. This includes being competent in time keeping, be able to be on time to work everyday as a routine, working under pressure- be competent with the different situations they come amongst with the ability to stay calm. Also being competent with keeping all records up to date is important for the progression of a patient's recovery and information for other doctors that will need to know the patients status. A neonatal being competent with the ability to work under pressure, precision to detail and working long unpredictable hours is highly important. For example being competent in keeping a record of all baby patients which provides to be very useful for doctors and other nurses to review the changes and come to conclusion fast. And being competent with working under unpredictable hours as pregnancy complications can happen at any time of the day and night. more. Middle Examination
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