Health and Social Care Essay

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Task B Describe the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement. The terms and conditions of my contract are you are not allowed to drink on the premises or come to work drunk, others would be you are not allowed to take drugs on the home premises or come to work after taking drugs, you are not allowed to abuse a resident for example hitting a resident would be physical abuse or leaving food in front of them knowing full well that they can't eat it themselves that would be neglect and mental abuse. describe the information which needs to be shown on your pay slip/statement. On the front of your payslip there will be personal written information on it such as your full name and address with post code for example; Mr John Smith 18 queens road Queens Queenshire OB45 6TU On the inside of your payslip you will have the date of the end of your working week/month, with your name again and how many months into the tax year of which you have been paid. Wed, 30th April 2014 Mr John Smith Month 2 On every payslip you will have your national insurance number which should look something like this KD 83 49 60 A, You have this so that all national insurance pay and tax are only recorded against your name. A payslip will tell you how much you are paid every hour, how much you will earn in that particular month of week and how many hours you have done plus overtime and the over time rate. Salary/Basic pay Basic 145.5 hours @ 6.50 945.75 Overtime Payment 7.5 hours @ 7.50 56.25 A payslip must show you all your deductions such as your Tax or National Insurance, it will be presented to you like this Deductions Tax 23.00 NI 34.28 With your deductions it should tell you how much National Insurance and

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