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Unit 62: Implementing Therapeutic Group Activities Unit code: 3008 1: Understand the principles of therapeutic group activities 1.1: Explain how participating in therapeutic group activities can benefit an individual’s identity, self-esteem and wellbeing. By participating in therapeutic group activities individuals can benefit from * Physical * Intellectual * Cognitive * Language * Emotional * Social 1.2: Analyse reasons why a group activity rather than one to one work may be recommended in particular circumstances. Working in a group rather than on a one to one basis in some particular circumstances can be beneficial as it gives opportunity to learn from each other, they have the support from others, and it enhances…show more content…
3: Be able to support individuals during therapeutic group activities. 3.1: Support group members o understand the purpose and proposed activity of the group. All activities have a specific purpose of improving an individual’s health or wellbeing; I would explain to the group individually the benefits from working together, and from taking part in the activities. 3.2: Support group members during the activity in ways that encourage effective communication, active participation and co-operation. During the activity I would encourage the individuals to interact and communicate with others in the group, for example if one of the group members appears to not be getting on as well as the others, I would ask one of the members who is getting on well if they would like to assist, I would actively encourage members to participate even if it was just a small input from the individuals. 3.3: Give direction, praise, reassurance and constructive feedback during the…show more content…
Remembering that providing encouragement to feedback will in turn help to highlight any areas of the activity they may need to be improved, and help to assess any issues that they individual may have, it also gives you chance to let them know how well they are doing. 4.2: Agree processes and criteria for evaluating the therapeutic benefits of the group and its activities. Before starting the activity we would agree the process and criteria, planning is part of the process which begins with an assessment, part of the process would be to identify the goals and benefits and the overall aim of what they want to achieve from the activity. 4.3: Carry out own responsibilities for supporting the evaluation and agreeing any revisions. My responsibilities for supporting the individuals would be to ensure that all policies and protocols are up to date and adhered to, that all risk assessments have been carried out, and that the individuals is part of the planning and that they understand what the activity is about and that they understand what is expected of them during the activity. I will also support them to identify their aims and goals of the

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