Health and Social Care Essay

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Are you worried that someone you know is being abused? Tell someone! You can tell: l A doctor, nurse or health worker l Adult Social Care Call them on: 01228 606060 l The police Call them on: 0845 33 000 247 l Action on Elder Abuse charity Call them on: 0808 808 8141 2 Keeping people safe in Cumbria Who needs to be kept safe? Anyone who: l is ill l has a disability l cannot take care of themselves. This leaflet is for adults over 18 years old. If you want information about keeping children safe, ask us for a leaflet called “Child and Family Care Services”. 3 What is abuse? Abuse is when someone does or says something to hurt you or make you feel bad. It can be just once or it can be many times. There are many different types of abuse. These are just some of them: Physical abuse This is when someone hurts your body. This can be hitting you, punching you, kicking you or pulling your hair. It could also be giving you the wrong amount of medicine. 4 Emotional abuse Emotional abuse is when people say or do bad things to hurt your feelings. This can be shouting at you, swearing or calling you names. It could be someone telling you that they’ll hurt you if you don’t do what they say. It could be taking away your rights, like making you live where you don’t want to live. 5 Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is when someone makes you do sexual things that you don’t want to do. This could be touching you in your private places without your permission. It could be making you touch other people’s private places. It could also be making you watch sexual things when you don’t want to. 6 Financial abuse Financial abuse is when someone takes or uses your money or things without asking. It can also be someone forcing you to give them money. Neglect Neglect is when the person

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