Health and Social Care 303 Task C Reflective Account

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Assignment 303 Task C Ci I am very consciencous person and have been brought up to always show respect and treat others as i would like others to treat me. I think this definately reflects in my work and how i behave in general. I am a very much a 'people' person and have always been interested in really getting to know people. I am the joker in my group of friends, always having a laugh and social a lot. I always look on the bright side of a situation. Im a great believer of happiness promotes happiness. I also notice when empathy is needed. I have a very large family, this makes me realise the enormity of diversity. I have 4 siblings, all from the same background with the same upbringing but we couldn't be more different. This just goes to show that you should never stereotype. Everyone is their own person which makes everyone unique. We often have differences of opinion, we have learned over the years to listen to each other as well as voice our own opinions. My Mother is Church of England and my Father is a catholic so i was bought up to choose my own prefences in faith. i think this has benefited me because i have learned to respect that everybody has different beliefs, if any at all. I think this makes it much easier for me to understand that everyone is different. I show no prejudice at all towards anybody at any time.I like talking to my clients about their prefernces and beliefs and try to help them practice their faith as much as posible. For example I have an elderly man in my care who is a muslim, i shall call him Mr. S. Mr S suffers from demensia and sometime forgets to pray, muslims pray facing towards mecca. We have put a sign in his room to help him face the right way to pray and remind him when to do so if he wants to. Mr. S also only eat halal meat, we cater for this. If any of the other residents ever ask why he does these things we

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