Health and Social Care 3022

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• Describe how being supported to live at home can benefit an individual.(3022 1.1) Living at home can benefit an individual as it helps to promote independence. Promoting independence is important as it means that they are more willing to help themselves if they are able to. Also if they are able to become more independent, they are more likely to become more confident, which means they may be able to do more things for themselves, therefore making them more independent, which therefore benefits the individual as they are in a positive atmosphere. Another reason why living at home can benefit an individual is that they may have more time spent with loved ones and are more likely to get visits from friends and family. This is important as it keeps that sense of ‘normality’. If the individual was in a care/residential home, they may not get as many visitors as the family/friends may feel uncomfortable in that environment or the family/ friends may be busy during the visiting hours. Another factor is that the individual is able to maintain a little more control over daily routine, which is important as this leaves the individual feeling cared for and listened to. Also the individuals are surrounded by their own possessions with fond memories which make them feel more secure. Also it makes them feel more relaxed about having care in their own home as they are not being put in an unusual environment. • Compare the roles of people and agencies who may be needed to support an individual to live at home.(3022 1.2) Home care workers: - Helps to provide any care that you may need: personal care, help with shopping, help with keeping the home clean and tidy. These people also support the individual with any decision making that they may do, and also make sure that they are in a safe environment. If a problem was to occur with an individual, it would be the home carers
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