Health and Social Assignment 207

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Person centred values means the people we support are able to be involved and included in every aspect of their care and support. For example: Their needs, Assessments,Care delivery, and, Support planning. It is important to do this as person centred approaches, policies and procedures, as well as care practices should always put the people whom we support at the centre of the day-to-day activities, as well as including the residents and their families in the planning and maintaining of this. All person centred approaches for every person we support as care professionals, should have eight values, and these are: 1. INDIVIDUALITY – realising and understanding the uniqueness of every person I support. 2. RIGHTS – always endeavouring to make sure all the rights of those I support are upheld e.g. Human Rights Act. 3. CHOICE – endeavouring to maintain the service user’s rights to choice. As well as maintaining their choices and making sure these choices are upheld in their care plans. 4. PRIVACY – maintaining the service user’s rights to privacy. I would do this by making sure they are not intruded upon by other service users, staff, relatives and friends 5. INDEPENDENCE – always making sure that as a care professional I empower the service users What is consent? Consent is giving permission to do something. In health and social care settings it usually means that the individual gives consent to take part in an activity or to accept some kind of care or treatment. It is important to remember that: •It is a legal requirement that consent is established before any intervention or care-giving activity takes place •Establishing consent is one way care workers can demonstrate they respect the individual and the individual’s personal dignity •The process of establishing consent is instrumental to developing trust between care worker and the individual
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