Health and Social Essay

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Code of Practice for Social Care Workers and Code of Practice for Employers of Social Care Workers September 2004 (updated April 2010) 1 Employers of social care workers Introduction This document contains agreed codes of practice for social care workers and employers of social care workers describing the standards of conduct and practice within which they should work. This introduction, which is also reproduced in the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers, is intended to help you understand what the codes are for and what they will mean to you as a social care worker, employer, service user or member of the public. The General Social Care Council began its work on 1 October 2001, at the same time as the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, the Scottish Social Services Council, and the Care Council for Wales. The Councils have a duty to develop codes of practice and have worked together in developing these codes as part of their contribution to raising standards in social care services. The two codes for workers and employers are presented together in this document because they are complementary and mirror the joint responsibilities of employers and workers in ensuring high standards. What are the codes? The Code of Practice for Employers of Social Care Workers sets down the responsibilities of employers in the regulation of social care workers. This is the first time that such standards have been set out at national level. The code requires that employers adhere to the standards set out in their code, support social care workers in meeting their code and take appropriate action when workers do not meet expected standards of conduct. The Code of Practice for Social Care Workers is a list of statements that describe the standards of professional conduct and practice required of social 2 care workers as they go about

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