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Unit 3 Health and Safety D1 The hierarchy of control is a system used in the industry to minimize or eliminate the exposure to hazard. It’s an accepted system promoted by many safety organisations. [dictonary] Number in the group The hazard in this section is residents may become lost and wonder off. Using the hierarchy of control they can minimize this hazard the staff would use the control point from the hierarchy control, because the group is so big and the residents are visual imparred they could have a smaller group by splitting the large group into two and employ more staff to supervise them so they dont become lost and wonder off. Another hazard in this section is residents becoming frustrated and starting to argue with one another. The delights care home could minimize this from the start when they are placed into smaller groups so there is less chance of them becoming frustrated with one another. Entering & leaving the bulding The first hazard is trips and falls from loose carpets. The member of staff who has taken the residents using the Hierarchy of controls could reduce this hazard by entering the white rose centre a safer way where there are automatic doors and a stable floor with no loose carpets. The second hazard is loose pavements and holes in the ground from building work. Using the hierarchy of controls builders could substitute this by having an alterneative route for shoppers to get into the building safer. Using the hierarchy of control they could also control this hazard by conering the area off with tape and bright yellow cones to aware people of the danger and work. Using the hierarchy of control care workers could eliminate this hazard by getting the loose pavements sorted and fixed and the surrounding building work completed faster. Walkways The hazard upon this section is residents having collisons with other

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