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Desktop siteSkip to main contentSkip to main navigationHelp with accessibilityMENU A guide to mental health services in England How to access mental health services Mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience is all about how we cope with what life throws at us. It concerns the way we feel about ourselves, conduct relationships, handle stress or deal with loss.Good mental health and resilience are fundamental to good physical health, relationships, education and work, as well as being key to achieving our potential.Common mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, panic disorders, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder can cause great emotional distress, and can affect how you cope with day-to-day life and your ability to work.Less common conditions, such aspsychosis, can make you experience changes in thinking and perception severe enough to significantly alter your experience of reality. These conditions includeschizophrenia and affective psychosis, such as bipolar disorder, and can have the same lifelong impact as any long-term physical condition.Admitting you are struggling does not mean you are "mentally ill", that doctors will automatically put you on medication, or you will have to immediately tell your employer you are mentally unwell. Many issues can be managed without the help of a GP by using the variety of sources of help now available, whether it's through books, local organisations or online.Even if you need professional help, there are choices you can make along the way. Providing support and services is all about helping you take back control of your life; it is not about taking it away from you.Mental illness is treatable and, with appropriate support and treatment, people do recover. Many move on with their lives and are able to care for their family, contribute to the local community, and get back into employment or

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