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Introduction In this assignment it’s all about developing effective communication in health and social care. By including and explain what communication and interpersonal interaction is. Also explain the different forms and importance then use examples to show knowledge by doing this with an example. One to One A one to one means speaking to the other person so they are the only two people and this is a one to one. For example a doctor would have a one to one with a patient a doctor will have a formal conversation with a patient. Formal means when you show respect to them and speak to them in a professional manner. You would not use shortened, slang or swear words when speaking to your boss. Also in a care setting you use formal communication with a client, co-worker for example saying good morning when the client wakes up and also how are you feeling today if the client was not feeling well. It is being very polite and well-mannered. Informal means it is the opposite of formal communication because you will use informal communication with your friends and families or relative- for example you will say hi to your friends and family. This is a more relaxed form of communication, where you aren’t really following rules or guidelines and can shorten words or use slang if you want. Informal communication is also used in e-mail, texts, and telephone conversations. An example of this could be talking in a text and shortening words. In a care setting you can use informal communication to a client if you know them very well and have a good relationship with them because you can make them become friendly and have someone to talk to. www.communacation Group communication Means communication between 3 or more individuals. For example counselling would be a group communication if a few people go to a counselling session and talk about their own problems such

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