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Health and Social Care: Communication P4: Explain Strategies used in a health and social care environment to overcome barriers to effect communication and impersonal interactions Barriers with difficult, complex or sensitive issues Communication barriers can occur for a number of reasons. Care practitioners need to have flexible and effective communication skills in order to deal with the many different situations that can arise in a care setting. For example, they may be asked to explain difficult and complex information about a person’s health problems, treatment or the medication that has been prescribed. Interpersonal interactions are most effective when people are able to communicate in a supportive atmosphere. People communicate best when they: • feel relaxed • are able to empathise • experience and are able to express warmth, genuineness and sincerity • give and receive respect. Providing care for people can be an emotionally demanding and difficult task; sensitive issues and stressful incidents arise regularly in the course of care work. This is particularly the case where people receiving care have life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, where an individual is in a lot of pain or is experiencing mental distress. In circumstances like these, people who use care services may be reluctant to talk about their problems. This barrier to communication can have implications for a person’s health and wellbeing as they may not receive appropriate support or access to the services they need. Strategies for overcoming barriers associated with difficult, complex or sensitive issues include: using appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills to establish and maintain an emotionally supportive and reassuring relationship with the person, using the person’s preferred method of communication to provide information in a clear, unambiguous way that

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