Health and Social Essay

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Act of Parliament/regulation/guideline | Use | Type of abuse | Criminal Justice Act 1998 | Criminal prosecution by police for assault. | Physical | Civil action by the victim | For assault, battery or false imprisonment. | Physical | Care Standards Act 2000 | Regulation of residential and nursing homes, cancelation of registration, emergency cancelation, for breach of regulations. However, it is the driving up of quality as a result of this act which offers the best protection against abuse. | Institutional | Sexual Offences Act 2003 | Police prosecution for rape, indecent assault and other sexual offences. This act has greatly increased the protection for people with a learning disability or mental health problems because is has defined ‘consent’. | Sexual | Family Law Act 1996 | Can provide injunctions and non-molestation orders. | Physical, sexual, psychological | Offences Against the Person Act 1861 | Prosecution by the police for more serious offences of actual bodily harm or grievous bodily harm. | Physical | No Secrets (England) and in Safe Hands (Wales) | Guidance documents that set out how local authorities must work jointly with other agencies to make local arrangements to safeguard and protect vulnerable adults. | All | Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2006 | Sets up vetting and barring scheme for people who work with children and vulnerable adults in England and Wales. | All | Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 | Sets up a vetting and barring scheme for people who work with vulnerable adults in Scotland | All in Scotland | Adult support and Protection (Scotland) Act (ASPA) 2007 | Gives local authorities in Scotland the power to enter premises where they suspect abuse is taking place, and

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