Health and Social 201 Essay

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Unit 201 Outcomes 1: 1.1 People communicate to forms relationships and build trust. People also communicate to express their needs to ensure that they are met. Communication is an important part of care work as you need to communicate with your service users and their families so you can find out if they have any concerns or opinions about anything. As a carers communication in a very important. 1.2 Effective communication is important to ensure the appropriate care is given when it is needed and so that the care and support given is clear and correct, so that no mistakes are made. It is important so that the correct care is given and is recorded correctly and has to be informative and non judgemental. 1.3 It is important to observe people reactions as you can tell a lot from someone’s reaction, for example is they are jumpy and not confident giving eye contact there could be an underline problem that would need to be reported and looked into. It is also important to observe reactions as they could need more support with communication, for example if you went into a new service user and they were not responding when being spoke to they could use sign language or could be deaf and can’t hear you. Outcome 2 2.1 It is important to find out an individual’s communication methods as they could be deaf and need somebody that can speak in sign or in a louder pitch so that they can communicate with their carer. It is also important to find communication methods as they may speak another language and need support to understand you and for you to understand them, without finding out communication methods you would not be able to assist the service user. 2.2 There are a wide range of communication methods, for example; non verbal communication and verbal communication. Some non verbal way of communicating include: eye contact, touch, behaviour, gestures &
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