Health and Safety Hazards Essay

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Health and Safety Your supervisor at Riverbank Nursing Home where you are a carer has asked you to produce guidance on hazards to give to new carers in the setting as part of their induction. What is a hazard? A hazard is something that poses a potential threat that could cause injury or loss of life. Physical Environment * Untidiness – Leaving things on the floor to be could cause a client to fall over and break a leg. * Blocked Fire Exits – Blocked fire exits would be a hazard because there would be nowhere to escape if there is a fire. Equipment * Broken Chairs – This would be a hazard because if a client sat in a chair that had a broken leg, they could fall and seriously injure themselves. * Overloaded Plugs – An overloaded plug could explode and cause a fire. Infections * Poor Food Hygiene – Having poor food hygiene could cause a client to become ill from eating the food. * Unclean Uniform – An unclean uniform could carry infections from patient to patient. Substances * Cleaning Equipment – A client could get a hold of the cleaning equipment e.g. bleach, and drink it causing them to become very ill and possibly even die. * Medication – If a client isn’t given the right medication, they Working Conditions * Overworked Staff – Overworked staff could make mistakes, causing injury to the clients or themselves. Working Practices * Manual Handling – Having no manual handling training could be a major hazard as you could injure yourself or the client by trying to pick them up improperly. * Illness – If you are ill then you shouldn’t go into work, you should stay at home for at least 48hours after the symptoms disappear in order to keep everyone else in the care home safe from infection. Security Systems * Confidential Information – Should be kept in a password encrypted file on the computer or in a locked
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