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HEALTH and SAFETY: Professional Discussion and Questions and Answers Q 1: Who do you think are at risk within your work environment? A: The staff, individuals who live in the bungalow, visitors and other contracted people/ workers who come to work from outside. Q: 2: what measures are there/ or have you in place for the individuals before working with them? A: All the individuals are assessed and have risk assessments written up for them for all their daily living activities in place, and all staff have to read them and work accordingly to minimise any cause of injuries and to avoid accidents. All staff has to receive the appropriate training within their work roles as well e.g. moving and handling of people and equipment and How to operate the equipment Q: which work areas are potential risks to all people? A; • Kitchens • Bedrooms • Lounge • Dining rooms • Bathrooms • Gardens • Hallways • Offices • Utility rooms • Waste disposal areas • Medication rooms Q: What are the control measures in place to reduce or control any identified risks in these areas? A: routine inspections by senior staff to ensure safe working procedures are being followed and recommend amendments where necessary. Regular scrutiny of accidents reports for both client and staff. Monitoring of sickness records to identify problems related with working areas or procedures. Meetings with staff are held to identify any operational problems, identification of waste disposal suitability and adequacy of containers where needed. Q: How do you deal with cable hazards in your work environment? A: to reduce the risk of cable hazards I always make sure of the following: • Keep cables tidy so that they do not cause a trip hazard • Prevent the use of extension leads and blocks in the hallway

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