Health and Safety Essay

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By Zoe O’Brien By Zoe O’Brien This booklet is for service providers. It names several hazards that may occur in a health and social care setting. It explains what harm can occur from each hazard, gives a list of who may be affected by the hazards and then explains how the hazard may be resolved. Hazard- Cleaning Substances Cleaning substances left out in the residential care home without being adequately stored. This may affect older service users, service users with dementia or learning disability, visitors, caterers and also service providers. Harm that may occur An elderly service user in a residential care home may have dementia and as a result of this doesn’t know that the bottles of cleaning products are harmful. They may possibly pick it up and drink it as they believe it is a drink and therefore they could become seriously ill from ingesting the chemicals or the chemicals could be fatal to them. This could lead to death of the service user. Another way someone could be harmed is that someone could slip on the cleaning products if the staff in the residential home fails to correctly store or put the caps on the bottles. This could lead to concussions of both service users and service providers if they were to bang their head. Preventing hazards and harm To stop this from happening you should put cleaning products and chemicals into a locked cupboard which is only accessible to staff who have a key. Also making sure they’re stored correctly and they’re all correctly done up. You could also label the bottles according to what they are and their affects upon someone. E.g. (Picture below) to represent corrosive chemicals. Hazard- Security Systems Not having adequate security systems in place. This includes not having a sign in and out book, no CCTV coverage. This may affect service users, workers in the residential care home and service providers.

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