Health and Safety Essay

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P2- Outline how legislation, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care setting. Equal Opportunities Policy Wonderland Nursery provides an environment where each individual feels valued, irrespective of ethnic origin, language, gender, ability or age. They also provide for cultural and religious requirements as a matter of course. E.g. dress, diet, events. Different activities are provided to offer children opportunities to develop in an environment free from prejudice and discrimination, also they provide learning that are appropriate and reflect diversity. They treat all the service users, such as the staff, children and parents equally and fairly, respecting all backgrounds, religion and ability. Child Protection Policy Wonderland Nursery works together and under the Children Act 1989, which requires all childcare setting to follow procedures for protecting children from abuse which are established by Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB). The setting make sure the welfare and safety of all children are provided by following these legislations. Behaviour Policy Wonderland Nursery set good standards and apply rules firmly, fairly and consistently. Staff does not give physical punishment, such as smacking or shaking. Instead they use verbal praise and encouragement strategy, also time out policy. Because they believe good behaviour is essential not only in the day nursery, but also at home and in the outside world. Setting in Policy In Wonderland Nursery they understand that children might not be used being away from home, they advice parents to leave quickly and to tell the child what time they will come to collect them. As well they encourage parents to know the member of staff with the child so they can feel more comfortable. A link with home such as books, toys, blankets are welcome

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