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NVQ Level 3 Health & Social Care h, or and maintain healt Promote, monit orking nd security in the w e saf ty a environment The exercises and information provided in this unit will help you to advance your workplace learning by underpinning the practical aspects of your work, with the theory and reasoning that is behind it. At the end of the unit, it is expected that you will know and understand this theory. This knowledge is described as the ‘Learning Outcomes’. For each unit your Learning Outcomes will be clearly stated at the start of the unit. Learning Outcomes • That you know and understand legal and organisational requirements on equality, diversity, discrimination and rights when working with individuals, key people and others when monitoring and promoting health and safety. • That you can provide active support and promote individuals rights, choices and well being whilst promoting healthy and safe working practices and minimising risks from incidents and emergencies. This unit covers some of the skills you will need to handle health and safety situations on the ward. They will help you to: Unit HSC32 • access information that can inform your practice on health • recognise the effect of stress and distress on yourself and others • monitor activities and the environment to minimise risk and keep the environment free of hazards • store different equipment and materials safely and securely • minimise the risk of contamination and infection • deal and work with hazardous and non-hazardous materials, equipmentand waste, in order to minimise the risk of contamination and danger to yourself, individuals, key people and others • recognise anger or frustration • manage a conflict situation • complete incident forms You can work through the exercises at your own pace. They are divided up into sections; it would be useful

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