Health and Nutrition Essay

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Chapter 8 and 9 Activity Water and Electrolyte Balance and Overview of the Micronutrients Instructions Read Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 in your textbook then answer the following questions. Include questions and question numbers in answering the questions and submit the file as one document in the dropbox. Grammar and spelling count! Questions 1. Where are fluids absorbed (in which organ of the GI tract)? 2. Where are excess fluids and electrolytes lost? Through skin as perspiration, lungs, and small amount lost in feces 3. Name four of the six functions of water. Regulates temperature, transports nutrients, produces urine and, lubricates 4. The amount of water in the body depends on the amount of (water intake from fluids and food) that a person has. 5. List the major extracellular and intracellular cations and anions: Extracellular cations: Sodium Extracellular anions: Chloride Intracellular cations: Potassium Intracellular anions: Phosphate 6. Is thirst a reliable indicator of hydration (whether a person needs to drink or not)? Yes, the brain communicates the need to drink 7. What is the name of the hormone that helps regulate water balance? Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) 8. What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are minerals that separate into positively or negatively charged ions in water. They are able to transmit an electrical current. 9. List the 2 different types of vitamins? Fat-soluble and water-soluble 10. What might mega doses of niacin do? Used as part of blood cholesterol lowering treatment 11. How are fat soluble vitamins absorbed? Absorbed with dietary fat 12. Does the body excrete fat soluble vitamins? Yes, anything that interferes with normal digestion and absorption of fats, also interferes with fat-soluble absorption, and will be excreted in feces 13. What is

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