Health and Exercise Plans Essay

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I am going to buy a cup that I will consistently fill up throughout the day with cold water so I have no excuse to have anything but water. I will not even drink diet soda because that is just as unhealthy. I wake up early everyday, it is a habit. I wake up around 5am, and I go for a 35 minute walk. When I am walking, I pick up speed and start to jog to increase my heart rate more. I also have “ON DEMAND” on my cable TV which is when you can choose any show to watch at any time and on this there are work out videos of all sorts. When I get home from my walk, I am going to do this for 20 more minutes. I also have the use of military benefits that includes a gym, free of charge. My goal is that I am going to walk in something called the “pride stride” here where I live. It Is a 5 mile walk and you raise money for people that do not have many things, or food. The biggest possible setback that I see is possible is that I lose motivation or get discouraged because I am not losing any weight or actually gaining weight. I sometimes tend to gain weight because walking a lot of working out makes me gain muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. That has been the case in other times that I have attempted to lose weight. In order to keep myself motivated, I am asking my friends and family to help keep me motivated . To maintain weight loss, I plan to keep working out and stepping up the work-out routine by adding weights as my resting heart rate changes and I become more in

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