Health Essay

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Family has a great influence on our ideas of health and wellness. Family directly affects our health by genetics. But their actions can also affect and create our understanding of health. Parents especially, have a significant impact on our concept of health and it's dimensions. As children we look up to our parents; their ideas tend to become our ideas. Physical health is severely shaped by our families. Eating habits usually stem from our family, which can either positively or negatively influence our health. Coming from a family greatly involved in sports, my idea of health was influenced. From an early age my parents made sure I was very active. They molded my idea of physical health, as I believe that being active and involved in sports is a great way to obtain a high physical health level. My family also influenced my concept of mental health as well. There wasn't too much conflict or bad experiences I went through in the past. I believe that conflict in a home can affect one's mental health , especially a young child growing up. "Males exposed to family conflict and violence over the years are significantly more likely than other males to have suicidal thoughts, be depressed, have overall emotional and behavioral problems, be drug dependent, or have post traumatic stress disorder". It's proven that conflict is a home can be seriously detrimental to a young childs health. I believe growing up in a pretty mild mannered household shaped my idea of mental health. I think my introvert personality stems from my family as
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