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There are many countries around the world that have high risk of disease transmission and thousands of people travel to these countries yearly. These diseases can be easily transferred to people if they do not take the correct preventative measures such as vaccinations. The importance of disease prevention is crucial, understanding the risks of certain countries when you are travelling in relation to the risk of disease transmission. The specific diseases that your most likely to encounter. How best to prevent catching any such disease. Lets look more closely at 3 countries considered to be classified in the high-risk category for transmission of diseases and the average number of travellers that are holidaying to these countries each and every year. Immunology is the study of the reaction of tissue of the immune system of the body to antigenic stimulation (Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, 2013 p.907). Vaccination is an injection of attenuated or killed microorganism like bacteria, that induces immunity against the microorganisms that are in the injection or to reduce the effects of the microorganisms (Mosby’s, 2013, p.1851). According to Harvard Global Support Services there are 46 countries that are considered to have a high risk of disease transmission, three of these countries that we will look at more closely are: Angola, Benin and Cambodia. There are around seven billion people in the world and around twelve million one hundred and eighteen thousand people travel to high-risk countries. 481,000 people travel to Angola a year that is 0.0006% of the population, 209,000 people travel to Benin a year that is 0.0003% of the population, 2,882,000 people travel to Cambodia a year which is 0.03% of the population (The world bank-data, 2011). The major health concerns of Angola, Benin and Cambodia are Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria Human Immunodeficiency

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