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Barriers to effective communication There are three main ways in which communication is blocked or can be blocked: 1) If a person is unable to see, hear or receive the message 2) If a person is unable to make sense of the message 3) If a person misunderstands the message Message not received The first kind of block where people do not receive the communication includes: 1) Visual disabilities 2) Hearing disabilities 3) Environmental problems such as, noisy environments, speaking from too far away. People may not have got a message sent to their minds; this is known as sensory deprivation. Message makes no sense 1) The e of different languages including foreign languages and sighed languages. 2) The use of different aspects of language such as: Expression >>>>> problems with seeing and hearing, it is like a brick wall covering them or blocking the messages go through to others. These are all the different type of language used in our daily lives; 1) Technical language – jargon 2) Language that only certain groups of people use – slang 3) People from different areas make different areas make different sounds when they speak – dialect The person receiving the message has physical and intellectual disabilities such as memory loss or learning disability. Message misunderstanding Cultural differences: * Cultural differences in verbal and nonverbal communication; * Cultural differences in communicative(discourse) and narrative style; * Cultural norms for greeting and addressing individuals; * Culturally based learning style preferences; * Cultural differences in rules for adult-child discourse; * Cultural differences in the conversational roles of children; * The impact of cultural communication and learning style differences on the educational and/or
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