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EXAMPLES OF ESSAY PROMPTS 1. Following the crowd/public/society A. Do people need to compare themselves with others in order to appreciate what they have? Yes: We tend to take what we have for granted. Comparisons with others help us appreciate what we have and sympathize with the less fortunate. Siddhārtha Gautama was a spiritual teacher from ancient India who founded Buddhism. At the age of 29, Siddhartha left his palace to meet his subjects. Despite his father's efforts to hide from him the sick, aged and suffering, Siddhartha was said to have seen an old man. When his charioteer Channa explained to him that all people grew old, the prince went on further trips beyond the palace. On these he encountered a diseased man, a decaying corpse, and an ascetic. These depressed him, and he strove to overcome ageing, sickness, and death by living the life of an ascetic. No: The first reason to avoid comparing yourself with others is that there will be always someone better than you.Our personal achievement will never be truly satisfactory if it has to be put into and justified by comparison with others, since there is always someone out there who is simply more lucky, if not more capable, than we are. Even the champion will inevitably be surpassed by the next champion. Yes Bobby Fisher, Kasparov, Spassky were all the undisputed greatest world chess champions ever, yet they all eventually were defeated by something that is so unexpected but unavoidable – a computer, which is designed by mere engineers who know nothing more than digits like 0 or 1s. The second reason to elude this kind of comparison is that you will always find someone worse than you, but as opposed to the first reason, this can make you feel better than the others, and this feeling can turn into a horrible pride. During the American Revolution War, the British seemed unbeatable. During the
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