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There are three different approaches to health promotion, in response to the knowledge that individuals are not purely responsible for their own health. The lifestyle/behavioural approach, or individual behaviour approach, are policies or strategies based on changing the lifestyle or health behaviours of an individual or community as a way of improving overall health in the long term. These programs target the development of individual skills, empowering people to take control of their behaviour and attitudes towards health. The strengths to this approach are that it promotes ownership of individual health, it’s cheaper in the long term as it prevents illness, by increasing skills action is also increased, and this behaviours and attitudes have a flow on effect through generations (e.g parent, to child, to grandchild). However, individuals find it more difficult and are constantly relapsing because they approach it as a radical, short term plan to see results, as opposed to a sustainable life long, lifestyle shift. Also, in the short term cost is a major factor as there are less “concrete” results and it is therefore harder to account for spending large amounts of money. An example of this approach is putting in speed cameras on major roads, and enforcing heavy fines on those who are caught speeding. By doing this, individuals are encouraged not to speed (changing their behaviours), therefore resulting in a higher level of safety for everyone on the roads and in surrounding areas. The preventative medical approach focuses on using medical resources/techniques such as vaccines and screenings, to prevent illnesses occurring, or to catch it in the earliest phases. By using these measures, people can are protected from developing certain health issues. Alternatively, if an individual has genetic predisposition to a certain health problem, preventative measures can

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