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The Healing Myth: Rocky In Linda Seger’s essay “Creating a Myth” she explains that everyone will experience a universal story. Seger means that all people will share the life journey of growth, development, and transformation. The universal stories normally involve the search of a perfect mate, coming home, the search for fulfillment, going after an ideal, achieving the dream, or hunting for precious treasure. All of which are the stories that create a successful film in today’s culture. As the reader might notice next time they are watching a film that the “hero” of the movie is someone that they can relate to because they recognize the story as having some connection with their own lives. These stories with heroes like that are called myths. Seger writes “A myth is a story that is “more than true”…But a myth is more than true because it is lived by all of us, at some level. It’s a story that connects and speaks to us all” (357).A type of myth Seger writes about is the healing myth. The healing myth is a story about a character that starts as “broken” and goes on a journey to become whole again. A movie that fits Seger’s definition of the healing myth is Rocky. Rocky is an inspiring movie about an unknown boxer that finally gets his chance. This film is a great example of the American story of rags to riches. Rocky Balboa’s story to the top is a journey of a “broken” man that starts out with almost nothing, and in the end is a something that inspires many Americans in today’s society. Rocky Balboa is introduced in 1975 as a tax collector, and a small-time boxer that was living in Philadelphia. There is a World Heavyweight Championship scheduled for New Year’s Day 1976 against Apollo Creed and his contender Mac Lee Green. Green becomes injured and cannot fight Cree, so Creed decides to give an unknown boxer from Philadelphia a shot at the title. Apollo Creed

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