Healing Hospital - a Daring Paradigm

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HEAING HOSPITAL: A DARING PARADIGM Mildred Tuchez Grand Canyon University HEALING HOSPITAL: A DARING PARADIGM When I consider the field of health care and what it means to be a caregiver I start to formulate in my mind what the term “care” means. For many people it means being Compassionate, supportive and striving to make a difference in other people’s lives. It means being passionate about the care we give. It means providing high quality value driven care. To provide care that is all encompassing we need to meet the needs that the mind, spirit, body and soul. My philosophy falls in line with the Healing Hospital paradigm. According to Chapman (2007), the Healing Hospital revolves around many things but most importantly supports culture of care. Love is the center of healing and I will discuss further the paradigm of the Healing Paradigm citing challenges and the logic behind it. The Healing Hospital paradigm is based on the age old idea that love in the ultimate key to healing. The Healing Hospital puts in motion the idea that loving each other is the most important principle in human existence (Chapman, 2007, p. 10-11) Healing Hospitals use three symbols of loving services. The first Golden Thread symbolizes faith in God, a pair of intersecting circles that symbolize hope flowing into and out of hearts and a red heart that symbolizes love. All this sounds wonderful but for a Healing Hospital to accomplish its goals and succeed there are a few prerequisites that must be met. First off from the very top of management to the least likely to succeed, everyone must by into care that is driven by out love for our fellow man. There may have to be a significant change in structure and sytems to be able to get everyone up to speed in training

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