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Controlling high school students is such a hard job. So many personalities, different attitudes, and various backgrounds of each individual. Much improvement is needed through the halls of Mays High School. The students do not appreciate their school, and do not have any school spirit. If I were in charge of my high school a lot of things would be different. To begin, I would enforce the uniform situation to the next level. My school is very lenient with the students wearing any color khaki pants and any color collar shirts. Due to lack of corporation among the student body with properly wearing uniform, I would make everyone wear same shirt with school logo on it. Each grade level will have different colors to separate the underclassmen from seniors. Every day students abuse the schools rule, simply because we were to easygoing with wearing the uniform. That is why if I were in charge I would give them no choices and no room to disobey the school rules. If any students choose not to wear the uniform they will be disciplined and have three strikes. Changes need to be made in my school community in the area of seniors setting example. During homeroom time, I would have the senior class meet up once week together and have talks and lectures. Different people will come with encouraging words to the students. The seniors now in my class act immature than the freshmen class, I think it is a lack of guidance. Under my guidance each senior male shall have a mentor to teach and help them to grow into young men. On some days I would have someone give sex education lessons to the students. Now at my school, the teachers and administrators are trying to stay away from “ sex talks” but sex plays a big role in high school. Talking to the students about sex and its consequences, could prevent pregnancies and STD’s. Community Service will play a big role

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