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About me In order to represent the Student Union effectively the most significant factors are commitment to the role and a balanced approach to issues. I believe I am a compassionate yet strong willed person with a true passion for humanitarian causes and an eagerness to celebrate diversity, creativity and individuality. As for my friends, when I asked them to describe me they told me I was charismatic, respectable, ambitious and passionate. I thought they were being unusually complimentary and then I realised the acronym that these words create ...... So, why vote for me? It would be so much easier for me to win you over by promising you a Nando's (or a local alternative known as Danndo's!) in college, individual iPads and a three day weekend. But my campaign is based on something more than a whim. I genuinely want to represent students to ensure nobody's issues go unnoticed and make sure everybody's voice is heard – apologies for the cringe-worthy cliché but I mean it. Considering the wide range of geographical areas that Winstanley students travel from, a big worry can be settling into college, making new friends and establishing new networks. Acknowledging that this could be one of the most daunting experiences ever faced by a student, once sorted it could also be the most rewarding experiences by the time you leave! To facilitate this I would like to introduce a forum on the intranet, or perhaps even simpler, a Winstanley College Student Facebook group. This would also start to develop the Student Union t into a forum which is more integrated into everyday college life than at present. By preventing one of the potentially most troublesome periods faced throughout college, students begin their college lives in good spirit, providing a foundation for studying hard and playing harder! I strongly believe that all individual issues faced by

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