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In the following assignment the author will endeavour to discuss participation in delivering holistic individualised care to a client from a previous placement area; and will discuss the concept of holism and emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to client care. To do this the author will firstly define the meaning of holistic care and describe what the nursing process is, and how nursing models are used to aid this process. The importance and definition of client empowerment will also be explored and discussed. I will also then use the nursing model, which was practiced on my placement area, discuss how I participated in the care of the client and whether the care delivered was successful. All names and placement areas will be changed to maintain confidentiality, as stated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the Code of professional conduct (2004). Jan Christian Smuts first introduced the word Holism, believing that it was more beneficial to look at the whole organism or system rather than part of it (Pearson et al 1996). Anderson (1998) suggests that holism is a philosophical concept in which an entity is seen as more than the sum of its parts, meaning treating a person as a whole. Holistic care is a system of comprehensive or total client care that considers the physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs of each individual person; and the effect of the illness on the ability to meet his/her self-care needs. Wilson and Kneisl (1996) agree with this and add that every part of culture/behaviour must be seen within the larger context and only then can it make sense. Wilson and Kneisl (1996) also goes on to state that holism, as a concept, is therefore vital to the healing process. The rationale being that by studying one aspect of the individual and its relationships to all their others, an appreciation of all the contributing

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