He’s a Family Guy Living On Tobacco Road

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When you think of your father figure, do you see him as a bad person? Everyone who knows their fathers will have memories of them, good and bad. It is inhuman like to not remember your father especially if you have had the pleasure of knowing him. Sometimes, we come across some men in our lives that are considered to not be the best of fathers, like Jeeter Lester in Erskine Caldwell’s novel Tobacco Road. In my opinion, there are similarities between Fox’s hit television show Family Guy and Jeeter Lester, in the sense that they act the same towards their families and carry the same characteristic of greediness. I believe, the first episode of the first season of Fox’s Family Guy represents the novel of Tobacco Road very well, beyond just the way that the father of both literatures are. The cast of the show is similar to the Lesters. Both families have a son and daughter who play as main characters in the novel and show. The Griffins also have a younger son, which the Lesters do not. Both families have a pet dog, but the Griffin’s dog actually talks. The Lesters on the other hand, have 13 other older children who are not in the novel except for one, Tom. Both Jeeter and Peter have their wives to keep them in check. Jeeter’s wife, Ada, tells Jeeter that no matter what he says, he won’t farm again this year. “That’s the way you talk every year about this time, but you never get started. It’s been seven or eight years since you turned a furrow. I been listening to you talk about taking up farming again so long I don’t believe in nothing you say now. It’s a big old whopping lie. All you men is like that. There’s a hundred more just like you all around here, too. None of you is going to do nothing, except talk. The rest of them go around begging, but you’re so lazy you won’t even do that” (Caldwell, p. 58-59). In this episode, Peter was invited to a stag party.

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