He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool, and he that dares not reason is a slave.

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I agree with this quote. What distinguishes human beings from other species of animals is the fact that humans have highly complex brain that it is capable of abstract reasoning, language, and self- analysis. The ability to reason has a very important role in ones life; it persistently assists one through life directly reflects one’s intellect. The level at which one’s able to reason, insinuates the level of complexity of one’s critical thinking. The words bigot refers to an individual that is intolerant of ideas of other. We could, in theory, perceive those that refuse to reason as bigot; we could interpret their reluctance to reason as an indication to obstinacy, and egotism – the individual refuses to reason simply because he believes he is undoubtedly correct, and that the opinions of others should be neglected. As I previously mentioned, the ability to reason directly reflects one’s intellect, and hence, one that cannot reason, is a fool. Reason, in theory, also means logic, and logic is what allows one to think, to interpret different situations in life, and furthermore to assist one upon make important decision in life - to ensure they are rational. If an individual cannot reason, undoubtedly he is unable to think effectively, which consequently, will lead him to making irrational decisions in life. In terms of all aspect, such individual could definitely be considered a fool, since even animals that are incapable of human speech, are able to reason. An example would be squirrels, it is evident that squirrels are capable of reasoning, as they observe patterns of the human behavior, and draw conclusion of when to attack the human garbage, and when they shouldn’t. Last but not least, the quote states that, he that dares not reason is a slave. This is true because, what distinguishes each and every human being is the fact the uniqueness of perception. Each

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