He Cares Essay

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Kings 4:1-7 WHEN YOU REACH THE END OF YOUR ROPE Intro: Ill. James Dobson tells the true story of a little toddler named Frankie. He was a handful to say the least. One day he pulled a chair over to the front window of his house, and carefully placed it inside the drapes. He was standing there staring out at the world when his mother came looking for him. She spied his little white legs protruding beneath the drapes, and quietly slipped in behind him to see what he was doing. She got there just to hear him say to himself in very somber terms, “I’ve GOT to get out of here!” Do you every feel trapped? Have you ever felt this is not worth it , I have to get away! In Afrikaans se ons met jou hande in jlou hare sit Have you ever felt like you were at the end of your rope? What do you do when you reach that point? Some are in that very place today! You are at the end of your rope and there is a long drop beneath you and you do not know what to do. * What do you do when you are facing problems with your children that you cannot solve? * What do you do when your marriage is on the rocks and the crashing waves of hopelessness are unrelenting? * What do you do when there are problems at work and it seems that there is no way out? * What do you do when you have too much month left at the end of your money? * What do you do when you have followed a loved one’s body to the graveyard and you cannot escape the loneliness, the grief and the pain? * What do you do when your heart is broken, your dreams are shattered and your hopes have been dashed to bits on the cruel rocks of reality? * What do you do when you are walking through a spiritual wasteland and there seems to be no way out? 2 Konings 4: 1 – 7
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