He and Mending Wall

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Teresa Tripp English Unit 2 Portfolio- compare/contrast Essay Final Draft The two stories that I am going to compare are He by Katherine Anne Porter and Mending Wall by Robert Frost. In the story He, the mother always has to watch him and is always saying how much she loves her son and doesn’t get much freedom. In Mending Wall, the narrator’s neighbor doesn’t seem to want to take the wall down so the narrator feels like there is tension because he really wants to take the wall down. For the theme of this essay, it will be the meaning of freedom. Both stories have a sense of no freedom and the main characters don’t get to do what they want to do. He is the name of the boy in the story. He is disabled, can’t talk and doesn’t have feelings. The mother always has to watch after him and put all of her attention in him. The Whipples family lives on a farm and they are very poor. With the mother being afraid of what the neighbors might say, she is spending most of her time watching after him and taking care of him. In the story He keeps getting sick or getting hurt and the mother is always watching after him, taking him to the doctor, and taking care of him. Since the family is so poor, they don’t have enough money to keep going to the doctor. In this story, the family doesn’t have any freedom and they don’t know what it’s like to have that sense of freedom because they are always doing things to please other people or taking care of Him and not having hardly enough money. The Mending Wall is a wall between the narrator and his neighbor’s house. In the spring time, the neighbors meet up with each other. The narrator sees no reason to keep the wall because all they have between them is an apple tree and a pine tree. But the neighbor says to him that good fences make good neighbors. The neighbor is described as moving in darkness so you get the sense that maybe

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