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OSI Model Ryan Parent IT/242 July 12, 2013 The OSI model, or Open Systems Interconnection model, consists of seven layers of protocol for operations. These layers are physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, and application. The physical layer includes all of the physical components of the network such as cables, routers, modems, and more. The data link layer is responsible for the error free transfer of data frames via the physical layer. The network layer is responsible for the routing that data should take in the physical layer. The transport layer provides for the transfer of data between points. The session layer establishes, maintains, and ends communications. The presentation layer translates data for the application layer. The application layer is the layer that the user interacts with, such as various software applications. WAN protocols operate at the lower layers of the OSI model. At the physical layer, a WAN uses switches, servers, modems, and other equipment. Frame relay is a protocol that occurs at the physical layer as well as the data link layer. Frame relay uses packet switching, which divides communications into packets before they are sent. Another protocol that is used in the data link network as it relates to a WAN is ATM, or Asynchronous Transfer Mode. ATM is a type of packet switching technology that has the ability to transfer cells physically at very high speeds. Overall, the OSI is very important when it comes to WANs for a number of reasons including the large distances and the amount of data that is being

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